Tuesday, April 29, 2008

无题 1

为何 一下子这么多人找我
但是 总是 在我有约时

你们是否 能不能 分配下各自的时间
不然 不是 没人找我
就是 一下子几个一起来


天空 said...

aiyo fren...... life always like that lah..... if no people find u at the moment, u just treat it as ur free time, then u can do whatever lah..... if few ppl looking u at the same time, u just imaging u r a popular ppl, got many fren..... no need to fell bad if u reject ppl, its ur right to make the choice to meet the fren u really want to meet!!

li @ 艾栗 said...

haha..the purpose for writing these entry is to remind all of u co-operate sikit, don't suddenly call me out at the same time..laaa~